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SELLING SELLING SELLING, most fit biz owners hate that word (infact most business owners do) but without sales where would your business be? Lets be honest, you would not have one.

Now I understand that alot of fit biz owners struggle with in person sales and how to show their expertise and value in such a way that they will attract the lead to sign up there and then once the initial consultation is complete so you can just start on working with the client and getting them to where they want to be.

Sales isnt hard but alot of fit biz owners simply just go about it the wrong way so what I’m going to do is put together a list of actions to do and a list of actions not to do


Ask prospects to fill out a form so you know their main pain points before they even turn up, this will make or break your consult so get deep and personal (here’s a blueprint/template)

Make them feel at ease as soon as they arrive ( no one likes a know it all fanny)

Ask them further about their current desires and why they want help

Really hammer home the fact that you can help solve their problems

Show that you have done your homework on them without looking creepy haha


Seem desperate for the sale

Work them out too much, concentrate on getting the sale more than making them sweat

Dont use too many technical terms

Act like a know it all

Dont see sales as a bad thing ( You are solving their problem by selling to them)
Heres a checklist to use that most of my clients use when going into a sales consultation


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