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Aw 40 hours a week, I’m so busy but oh wait a minute I’m working 10 hour plus days but not even reaching 5k months. Does this sound like you or the ultimate goal you’re aiming to achieve that would make you feel successful? If so then you got to read on

Goals are great but there’s much better ways to go about it rather than only getting paid per hour as that stops you from leveraging your time and therefore you’re restricting yourself and capping the amount of people you can help.

Now you’re probably thinking OK Craig I get where you’re coming from but how the hell do I replace my per hour work?

What I would say is there’s a few different options that you can consider and start rolling them into your business plan but can still work with some people per hour if that’s what you’re most comfortable with.

Start phasing per hour work out from today!!!

Charge Per Month: Think about it, people are used to paying for things monthly (rent, phone bill, mortgage etc) so I tell my clients to charge monthly aswell because it really helps you as the business owner to be able to forward plan as you can just create a standing order/direct debit.

Create Packages: Packages should be one of the main parts of your business, this can either be one off packages or monthly packages. They are so important as it makes you different to your competitors and able to stand out. Everyone can have the same features that they sell to their prospects but creating them in a way that allows people to believe in the results that they want to achieve rather than all the different parts of what you will actually be doing with them.