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Herbalife, Forever Living, Juiceplus we all know about them and I personally don’t work with people that promote network marketing businesses as they are not giving their clients the best product and that’s no use.

But I was recently speaking to someone on the phone and they were wanting to improve their families life by growing their business which I think is very admirable and I wanted to help in any way that I could so I asked her more about here business.

She was earning around $ 300 a month ( so wasn’t able to offer my main program as just isn’t suitable for people not earning at least $1500 a month) but I wanted to help her anyway so asked her to break down how she was making this and this is where things got fucked up to say the least.

She was selling a network marketing product  which was like a 3 month thing for like $20 which you just can’t live life on and she was selling a DVD about hooping for fitness (originally I thought great work) but as she got investment from a parent company, she had to give them 15.50 of each 17.50 sale so she kept a whole of $2. This was made worse by the fact that her main expertise and passion is in the nutrition side of things as she reached out to me in the first place with some advice as I’ve personally been cutting down the amount of meat I eat.

You can just imagine her current mindset though and how scarce her thoughts are and how far so feels from her dreams, it was honestly heart breaking to see.

This is all because she thought that network marketing would be the vehicle to allow her to achieve her dreams but unfortunately I don’t see her getting anywhere near them with the current path she is on.

Case in point is she’s having to look at becoming a grocery checkout woman.

Here’s the tips I gave her to get to $5000 months:

Create own 47-97 product

Hold presentations for businesses by using LinkedIn as a way to find businesses (used to do this as IT corporate trainer)

Blog on how mothers can make family meals healthy

Create recipe books for mothers

Create a community for mums wanting to feed their kids healthy food

Create short videos on questions that she receives from mums

Offer monthly nutrition and fitness programs for families starting at $300 a month

This quick sample of points will allow her to create a $5000 a month or she can continue going down the path of $300 a month earning $2 a sale, what would you do?