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I dont know about you but David Beckham has been an idle of mine since I was a young boy and yes he has had his own fair share of controversy (nobody is perfect) but he is the first modern footballer that really grew the sponsorship side of football and he can teach you a few things about growing your fitness business to the moon.

I was watching his documentary that he did last year (its on BBC iplayer again so go watch it) about him and a couple of mates going through Brazil on motorbikes in a bid to visit remote tribes in the amazon.

The tips that I thought of for you when I was watching David Beckham going through the amazon were simple yet effective tips that I share with all my clients on a regular basis.

No-one Knows You: He eventually got to the tribe in the amazon but guess what, noone knew who he was (he even had to explain to them what football/soccer is, MADNESS). This shows you that even David Beckham isn’t known everywhere in the world and this is because there is no marketing or advertising going on in that part of the world.

No matter who you are, there are always more of your target market to reach through different marketing and advertising avenues.

CHECK OUT MY CHEATSHEET THAT I GIVE ALL MY CLIENTS (Its a list of all the avenues that I get them to use when working with me) Even David Beckham himself could do with giving it a look 🙂

A Thriving Business Allows For Great Experiences: My ideal client loves experiences alot more than material possessions and so I make sure that they have set goals to reach and more crucially rewards for achieving these goals. David Beckham went to Brazil in the documentary as he wanted to do something that was totally up to him. He had had an amazing career in football but he said that he was always doing something for someone else like sponsorship arrangements, training, eating properly etc.

I imagine that you feel like this sometimes and its totally OK, you deserve a break as and when you accomplish goals whether they are short or long term as it keeps you motivated and pushing for more.

Some activities my clients have got up to when they have completed a short term goal like making a £1000 sale:

A full body massage

An off road driving experience

Pilot training lessons

Bikram Yoga

Round of golf at a place they have always wanted to go

Nice meal at lovely restaurant that they have previously thought is far too expensive for them too try

There is no reason why you can’t start ticking off things from your bucket list whilst having a thriving fitness business

I mean David Beckham treats himself so why dont you?