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No Ive not all of a sudden turned into a soppy romantic

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You see, Im all about living life on my terms and helping others do the same but up until I went to Thailand in May I was starting to fall drastically out of love with what I was doing online.

Dont get me wrong, I loved most of my clients at the time, I was making more than I ever had previously and I was mostly in charge of my life, yet I was feeling TRAPPED (yeah I know, what a shame)

I just felt I was at my clients beckoned call and every time I checked fb Id have a message that sprung up that I just felt I had to deal with right away (Do you experience this right now?)

Something had to give as thats not the reason why I got into business in the first place (my main reason was and still is to inspire others to live the life they want whilst giving them the knowledge to do just that when it comes to marketing and selling stuff)

I wasnt living anywhere close to my ideal life and it was seriously fucking with me.

Thailand came at the right time, it was a fresh start and fresh perspective of life as well as giving me a glimpse of what exactly is possible.

Whilst I was in Thailand I met great people who will remain friends for a lifetime and I started to really delve deep into what I wanted my life to consist of for the next 5 or so years (hate thinking about life after that as lets be honest anything can happen tomorrow and even then its still just rough plans, i just know i still want to be exploring and helping thousands of people)

This made me reevaluate business and my business model (ive spoken before about some experiences that happened that just made me really think)

I want to help thousands, this is impossible just by coaching or done for you services as its just not scalable.

It was then that I started really thinking about what I wanted to do in order to help the people I want to help whilst living the lifestyle I want to live that can potentially inspire others.

This is what lead me to create 5kFreedom which is my signature program that basically sets out to help you get to the £5000 per month mark whilst creating a solid foundation that makes it scalable if you do want to grow it further.

Its all around the questions I get asked on a regular basis that I have put in one place:


How do I setup my first funnel?

How do I get leads from my website?

How do I put together my first/next profitable facebook ad?

How do I email my list in order to make them want to purchase from me more often?

These and more are covered in the course (I will be adding content to it often but right now its a one off price that gives you access forever)

Before launching this to the world this was a resource for my loyal long term clients but I have decided to step up and unleash it to the world.

My original aim is to have 1000 awesome goal orientated action takers in this program before the start of 2018 (Do you feel you are one of them?)

I can promise you now that you will get my best work in there that other people charge thousands for thats delivered over period of 8-12 weeks, well this is lifetime baby


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