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So you’re a living breathing intelligent human being that I hope still has dreams/goals as if you don’t then something is majorly wrong that has to be sorted quickly.

Anyway I was listening to the radio while having breakfast the other day and they do a top 10 at 10 where they play 10 songs and you have to guess the year (without using Google haha)

This song came on and yeah it may be a bit cheesy but it’s got a great powerful message behind it and it’s simply that dreams can come true

A lot of people that I speak to have the initial dream that they want to live a comfortable life that allows them to not work for the man and work when they want, where they want and that’s  what I love helping people achieve.

What I would say to you on how you can make your particular dreams come true is simply write down what your dreams are and how you currently see yourself getting there.

I’d say most of my clients dreams when they first spoke to me is simply making £5000 a month or ($ equivalent) as this allows them to go on holidays, take their kids/partner away on weekends etc which is what life is all about.

How you get there is simply by doing certain things consistently on a daily basis and having an end goal in mind whilst continually pushing yourself in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

Daily tasks should be something similar to:

Follow up with 5 people

Contact 5-10 new people who you would love to work with

Create content for your ideal prospect

Check your ads to see how they are running

Think of new product/service ideas

Map out a customer journey funnel

Email your list

Gather new emails

If you are doing this on a daily basis and its leading to you gathering emails from ideal prospects whilst giving them a chance to work with you then you will never have any trouble in reaching your dreams