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First of all who doesnt love Mila Kunis?


When I saw she was doing a comedy I just had to watch it even if it was about Mums, which I dont see myself ever being (but you never know)

In the end it turned out to be a pretty funny easy to watch movie

The best thing about it was that Mila and her fellow mums were wanting to get rid of the head of the PTA as she was far too strict and boring

This leads me onto a bit of marketing and sales advice, never be vanilla.

Be yourself and you will enjoy your work more as well as attract your ideal client (yes you will naturally get people who dislike you and your work but that just comes with the territory)

What someone thinks is the norm way of doing something, doesnt need to be the exact same for you and your business (thats one of the main joys of being your own boss,you do what you want)