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This is going to hurt like a bitch and yes you may hate me or you may say ‘Craig I get you’.

If you’re earning less than £1500 a month and can’t afford to spend at least £300 of that on growing your business every month then please go get a part time job as you will thank yourself in longer term.

You see, business is tough when you have not enough money coming in every month that allows you to start scaling and automating parts of it.

I know as I’ve been there, no sleep, no food apart from tins, no socialising, no one understanding where you are at as aren’t business owners themselves.

I tried to do it while living a semi normal life, I tried to keep putting one step forward, I tried using it as extra motivation to turn my life around.

But you know what, I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.

I never forgot my goals of having my own business and living life on my own terms but I just couldn’t see how I was going to get closer to my ideal life by carrying on as I currently was.

I couldn’t afford my phone, the gym, train tickets, electricity, NOTHING.

Getting a part time job was the best thing I could do as I had been at rock bottom and knew how it felt and knew better than to spunk my money on shite like clothes I didn’t need etc that just gave me short term dopamine releases that everyone else goes after.

I started putting real money behind my business in the correct places ( funnels, email list growing, webinars, ads, launches). Was just £50-£100 to start every week but that was still £50-£100 that I couldn’t afford before I got the job.

Within 5/6 weeks I was spending around £200 a week on business growth activities whilst still working 20 hours a week at my part time job but you know what?

I could look at my phone at lunch and see stream of leads flowing into my inbox and it made me feel awesome as I was normally selling a package between £500-£1000 at that time.

Now I’m still doing exactly the same thing and mostly stress free (well not the stress of worrying about bills and shit, good stresses like how to keep my clients happy and getting better results).

Don’t waste away your precious life with staying at the breadline of existence as you deserve more.

If you need to take a part time job for a few months in order to have a lifetime of living the life you want then swallow your pride and get one.

Always remember your end goal though and keep focused