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I’m Craig Wilson funnily enough, hence the domain name of my site

I help proactive, goal oritentated, optimistic business owners like yourself achieve the perfect day that they currently have as an idea of they want their business and life to work together.

I do this by helping you monetise and grow your online presence in order for you to get the amount of customers that you desire.

I’d much rather help you make 10k a month working 20-30 hours a week than burning out trying to make more and not enjoying your life to the full with the people you love

I’d like to help you sleep better at night rather than wriggling around and wondering what if I keep staying the way I am, will I have to go work for someone else etc

I would never say to anyone that they should spend their last bit of money with me I order to get where they want to be as that is just not viable. If you are currently in that position then you should really go and get a part time job at least so you can get yourself back on the right track. Believe me as I’ve been there before and it sucked and its a major passion and driver of mine to make sure that people will not be in the same position that I was.

My story:

I’m from Glasgow, Scotland (Land of the brave and the old firm aswell as haggis, whisky and Irn Bru)

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial bug as when I was younger I would cut neighbours grass, put out their bins etc. I then got a paper round and made a killing every Christmas as I’d give my clients a card and they would all give one back with a significant tip.

Throughout school I wasn’t the brightest tool in the box but I did well at business studies etc as it naturally interested me aswell as P.E etc as at the time I was playing football at pro youth level which led me to learn discipline and hard work is duly rewarded.

It was at this time that I listened to my parents and thought right il go to uni as have better potential career opportunities than continuing at football where I may get serious injury or dropped by my club and left in limbo.

So off I trotted over to the other side of the country and went to university in Edinburgh. University and the work wasn’t really for me (the lifestyle was much more suited to me though) but I held it together and got through it to graduation point as was first in my family to go to university and I know my mum was secretly looking forward to seeing her son graduate.

The best part of university for me was managing to wing it out to South Africa in 2010 for the football (soccer) World Cup. I wanted to go there if Scotland qualified but that just didn’t happen so since I was studying events as part of my degree I thought I’d ask my lecturer if he knew anyone out there (don’t get, if you don’t ask ūüôā ) and he did.

I went out there to get experience of running events which I had fun doing but what I enjoyed doing most in my 2 months out there was helping setup simple businesses in the townships (tea houses, car washes etc) as I was helping people take life into their own hands whilst travelling and seeing parts of the world I had never seen before.

After I finished uni then it was time to get a big boys job and I thought fuck that as I saw how that made everyone else around me and it wasn’t a pretty site (you probably know what I’m talking about)

The 50 year routine with 2 weeks of holiday abroad flung in there for good measure and something to look forward to.


                                FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK THAT

So instead of going doing that route I followed my passion of marketing and sales and started out on my own in the big bad world.

Doing everything and anything that would bring in the money is how I started (building websites etc that just isn’t mean and got a team for that now). I did the whole offline networking and meeting random people that you were trying to sell to while they were trying to do exactly the same back to you.

This is when I went HOLD ON A MINUTE, this isn’t why I started out by myself in the first place and I’m teaching and helping people to get clients and leads online so why don’t I do that more rather than doing this offline networking that’s holding me back.

That’s when I really dove into the world of online marketing and sales that got me to where I am today.